Create custom shell objects on Windows with Shell Object Editor

Shell objects are special "hard links" or shortcuts to folders and applications on your Windows computer. An example of shell object is the "My Documents" folder which is a real folder hidden deep within the directory structure but provides an easily accessible link in My Computer. In fact, every item within My Computer is a shell object. Shell objects or shell folders behave as real folders even though they are just shortcuts.


Windows supports the creation of custom shortcuts by users through the registry editor. An easier and better way without messing with the registry is by using Shell Object Editor. This little program allows you to create any shell object in 5 easy steps. The shell object can be a folder, a file or an application and can be placed in My Computer, Desktop, Control Panel or the Network Neighborhood. With Shell Object Editor you can create and delete as many shell objects you want and you don’t even have to restart your PC to use them.


By default, the program doesn’t allow you to delete shell objects not created by you to prevent accidental deletion. But there is an Expert mode that allows you to edit even special shell objects. To turn on the Expert mode right click on the empty box in the program to get a context menu where you can enable the "expert mode".

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