Create temporary and disposable chat rooms with Stinto

You have heard of (and also used) disposable email addresses, which helps you to avoid spam or be anonymous when signing up for services. Now two guys from Germany has applied the same idea to chat rooms, but with a different purpose. Their new web application Stinto, allows you to create chat rooms on demand, any time you need to chat with a friend or friends. Stinto is ideal when different users using different instant messaging applications need to quickly get down together to discuss an important idea without having to spend three hours arguing which IM client to use. With Stinto you don’t need to download any IM application or follow long registration procedures. All you need is the browser.


Creating temporary chat rooms with Stinto is as easy as it can get – just visit the homepage and click on New Chat to generate a unique URL which will take you to the chat room. Now send this link to all your friends you want to chat with. When your friends visit this link they will be taken to a login page where they will enter their name or any name since there is no user verification. Upon login, they can enter the chat room and freely chat with anybody who has been invited to join.


The creator of the chat room can remove any user who may have logged in without an invitation, though it’s unlikely to happen as all URLs have a unique and random ID which cannot be guessed. The chat room creator can also lock the room so that no further login is possible. He can also unlock it if required. Stinto’s chat rooms are simple and provides some basic tools like ignoring users, downloading chat messages and sound alerts.

The chat rooms get deleted after a certain period of inactivity, which is 6 hours by default but can be extended up to 24 hours. All chat messages and user lists are deleted too. However, even after the end of a chat session, the room creator cannot delete the room himself – the room has to time-out the inactivity period. But by locking the room you can prevent anybody from snooping into it.

Stinto is a wonderful application and it’s so easy to use that now even your grandma can chat!

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    esiste un programma come stinto che abbia anche la video cam?

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