Enhance Windows open and save dialogue boxes with Flashfolder

Flashfolder is a Windows open source tool that gives access to additional buttons and a wider range of options whenever you open the Open and Save dialogue boxes in any Windows application.

Flashfolder runs in the background as a service and appears as a floating toolbar that docks itself at the top of any Open/Save dialogue box. This toolbar provides menus and buttons to quickly access your favorite or custom folders without having to browse all over your drives to get to it. Since, the default Windows Open/Save dialogue box provides shortcuts to only a few locations like My documents, Recent folders etc, FlashFolder comes as a handy and time saving tool.


Flashfolder’s settings is accessible from the docked toolbar on any Open/Save dialogue box. Using the customize option on "Favorite folders", you can add any folders that you frequently use to the Favorites menu.

Further, FlashFolder brings several enhancement to the Open/Save windows.

  • It enlarges the common file dialogs to a configurable size (even non-resizable file dialogs of many programs)
  • It enlarges the directory and file type drop-down fields so less scrolling is needed for them. I find this feature really useful.
  • Persistent view mode for open/save dialog – e.g. if you select details view, it will be activated again the next time you open an open/save dialog
  • Shows the full path of the folder who’s content is currently displayed
  • Quickly view “all files”
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    Developers of this thing are likely to be gods! 8-))

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