PagePlus SE – The free alternative to Adobe Pagemaker

Even though the main players in the field of desktop publishing are Adobe Pagemaker and Microsoft Office Publisher, there are a few decent competitors like Corel Ventura and Serif PagePlus. All of them are commercial tools and comes with a heavy price tag, particularly because DTP softwares are targeted towards professional desktop printing jobs. But of course, there are free DTP softwares like the open source Scribus which I wrote about earlier. Another freeware is Serif PagePlus SE which is the free edition of the commercial application Serif PagePlus.


Serif PagePlus SE is based on the older version of Serif PagePlus, actually several versions older, but still powerful enough for most users. Serif PagePlus is a notable desktop publishing software with features rivaling that of Adobe’s and Microsoft’s. The free edition of PagePlus is slightly crippled, being an older version, but works for any entry level DTP work. Some features that you will miss are – the inability to output files in the PDF format, lack of a Web Publishing mode and the lack of support for a few graphic filters like PCX.

Read the full list of key features of Serif PagePlus SE.

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  1. Thiruppullani Raguveeradayal Reply

    I am one of those regularly using PagePlus. Attracted by the ease actually I switched over to version12 eventhough I use it purely for my personal use. It supports Unicode enabling me to write in Tamil.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Thanks for stopping by Kaylee.

  3. michael Reply

    I installed it just fine and was so very excited to get started using a program that has been missing from my life for too long…. reboot on install (one thing i hate to do is restart, but i did so happily) and nothing. i can't find the program at all, only the setup file. reinstalled, seemingly just fine, reinstalled again, as administrator this time just to make sure, rebooted a third time, still it is nowhere to be found. HELP

  4. Anonymous Reply

    DOWNLOADED and installed 3 times, never completed.
    never got a email from them with a product code in it.
    Looks like rubbish to me. I will stick with scribus.
    If you are going to call it free, cut the bullshit

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