Send voice mails with any email client using Speak-A-Message

Tired of typing long mails? Then try Speak-A-Message. Speak-A-Message is a free tool that enables you to send voice emails, using your default email client. The program provides a simple recording interface and using a microphone, the user records his message. Once the recording is completed, the program automatically launches the default email client with the recorded audio file attached to the message and ready to send. If you use Microsoft Outlook, it’s even easier, because Speak-A-Message can integrate into the toolbar of MS Outlook.


The recipient does not need to have Speak-A-Message installed since you are only sending a WMA file which can be played by any audio/video player. Before you send the audio file, Speak-A-Message enables you to replay it and listen your recorded message. With this program you can also add various sound effects to your message to spice it up. Plenty of these sound effects clips are available on their sound effects page.

The program uses fairly good voice compression – a 4 minute voice message requires only about 500kB.

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