Turn your RSS feeds into podcasts with Dixero

If you like to listen to someone reading a news to you rather than read yourself, you should give Dixero a try. Dixero is a service that takes any number of RSS feeds and converts them into podcasts which you can listen to on your computer, phones or other portable devices. The podcast player can also be embedded into a blog for website.


You can create a podcast channel with either a single RSS feed or multiple feeds combined. You can keep the channel private or make it public enabling others to subscribe to it. There are three types of voices to choose from; however, once you create a channel with a particular voice there is no way of swapping voices.

Another cool feature of Dixero is Smart Channels. With smart channel, you can specify keywords to look for in the feeds, say for example – music. The player will then play only those feeds where the specified keywords occur.

Also checkout a similar service Odiogo.

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