VideoSurf script shows frame previews of web videos

The video search engine VideoSurf has released a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that insert a unique "visual summary" strip consisting a frame previews of the video, into the search result page of Google, Yahoo, YouTube and CBS. VideoSurf’s advanced algorithms intelligently identify the "most interesting" scenes in each video and creates a nice visual summary that shows you what a video is all about with just a glance. In other words, you never have to be rick rolled again!


I tried to make the script work for other search sites, since Lifehacker reported that it will "most likely" work for any streaming Flash videos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. I couldn’t get it to work for other video sites like Metacafe, Liveleak etc. But then, it supports Youtube and Google – that’s enough for most of us.

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  1. Thiruppullani Raguveeradayal Reply

    Dear Kaushik,
    Excuse me for writing something not relateed to the current post. Is there any software (easy for a layman) to measure the volume of data downloaded from the websites he visits? I.E., I must know what is the actual data downloaded when I visit a site, say for example, gmail or instant fundas

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Opera shows this information in the status bar. Or you can use extended status bar for Firefox. No such thing for IE.

  3. Thiruppullani Raguveeradayal Reply

    Thanks Sri Kaushik. Immediately I tested in Firefox. There is difference between this one and Bitmeter. I counted sitewise and totalled it and compared with the stastics of Bitmeter. Anyhow I shall observe for some more time and inform you.

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