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If you want to post something private on your blog or a forum but don’t want a search engine to index it, then take a look at Hidetext. It is an online service that takes your texts and converts it into an image, making it impossible for search engine spiders or any bots to gather that information. Hidetext is useful when you want to post something controversial, discuss something private in a forum or just make it difficult to copy your work.

Hidetext supports up to 100,000 characters but formatting options is limited to just two fonts types and a couple of font sizes. Of course, you can get more formatting and styling options if you do that yourself – write it on a word processor and take a screenshot. But Hidetext simplifies this task, albeit with lesser control. The images are hosted on Hidetext’s own servers where you can link to, or download the image and delete it from their servers.

Shown below is a sample text, from one of my previous articles, converted into an image.


Hidetext can also be used to hide your email address from spammers by the same way. Like this hidetext3

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