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If you are looking for an online application to make modification to your site, then here is one for you – TypeRoom Lite, with which you can edit your site from any browser for free. TypeRoom is different from online HTML editors and certainly isn’t as powerful as desktop applications like Dreamweaver, but even so, is a quick way to make small changes to your site.


The idea is simple: The user specifies the URL of the page they wish to edit, and TypeRoom creates a copy of the page and loads it on the browser for editing. You click on the element you want to edit and it loads in a WYSIWYG editing window which is like any HTML editor. Once you are done with the editing, you can download the edited page to your computer or upload it directly to your site via FTP from TypeRoom itself.


TypeRoom is different from online HTML editors and make-websites-online kind of services, which mainly focuses on creating websites from scratch. TypeRoom assumes you already have a site and just want to make changes to it.

There are limitations to it, of course there will be, considering the complexities involved in editing sites. TypeRoom doesn’t work with CMS driven sites. Now that’s a big problem since most websites run on top of one CMS or the other like Drupal, Joomla or even WordPress. TypeRoom‘s yet to be released Professional edition, however, hints at some kind of CMS support.

For now, TypeRoom is just the right tool for non-techie users owing simple template based HTML websites, who doesn’t want to get into the intricacies of CMS. You will be surprised to learn that template based websites are quite popular among many small businesses even today.

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  1. Reilly Sweetland Reply

    Kaushik, Thanks for the review here.

    We actually just released TypeRoom Professional. It is similar to TypeRoom Lite yet much more powerful. Contact us if you’d like any more info on the pro system for product review.


    Reilly Sweetland
    Founder / CEO

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