Flexible Renamer – Rename files and change attributes in bulk

The easiest way to rename a file in Windows is to select the file, hit F2 and then name it. Bulk renaming of files works the same way – select the files, hit F2 and type the name. Once you hit Enter, all the files get sequentially renamed, neatly suffixed by an incremental number. Maybe that’s a cool and clever way to name large number of files, but it isn’t clever enough to handle a situation such as this:

Suppose you have a set of pictures which you took on your holiday. You get down to work, meticulously renaming each picture with the place of visit or the tourist spot you were visiting when you snapped it. After three hours of tedious work you realize with horror that you forgot to include the year. You can’t sit through another three hours renaming those pictures. This is when you will feel the need of a better file renaming tool.


Flexible Renamer is a portable program that will allows you to rename files and folders, change file attributes including dates and also apply and change tags for different file groups like music, photos, docs, etc, in bulk. Flexible Renamer’s wide range of options and renaming rules, combined with pre-defined presets makes bulk file renaming a lot more intuitive.

With these rules you can perform such file renaming operations like:

  • Append date or time, a number or a string(text) to a group of files.
  • Insert any number/string/date/time at any position of the file name.
  • Insert the folder name into the files
  • Insert the extension into the file name
  • Remove numbers or strings from file names
  • Replace numbers or strings from the file name with a specified one
  • Change case or capitalize file names
  • Swap the position of names with a ‘-‘
  • And more

Flexible Renamer has filters that allow you to search for files on which you will apply these renaming rules. This means that you no longer have to manually look for the files and select them. By applying filters you can

  • Automatically select a particular type of file like music files, or document files or image files.
  • Select files with a specific combination of characters
  • Select files created on a particular period, etc

Flexible Renamer allows you to save these rules and filters for further renaming sessions. It also has a large number of presets for quicker and easier operations.

flexible-renamer-attribute Flexible Renamer also has an attribute changer that enables you to make mass attribute changes to files and folders. The tag renamer is another useful tool of this wonderful application. Using the tag rename tool you can modify:

  • ID3 tags of MP3 files
  • EXIF information of image files
  • File properties of DOC files
  • File properties of HTML files

As if these were not enough, the developers decided to throw in a rather strange tool into the lot – Create Numbered Object. This tool lets you create a number of serially named text files of a specific size. You can copy an existing file or create a new file object. I’m not sure how to put this to use, but someday somebody will. 🙂

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