Generate a slideshow of images in Firefox with AutoSlideshow

There are different ways to browse a picture collection. You can casually glance through it in a gallery or enjoy each picture in full in a slideshow. Websites rarely provide any of these options and often there is no possibility for image browsing. AutoSlideshow is an addon for Firefox which is useful in such situations. AutoSlideshow takes all the photos present on the page and generates a full screen slideshow out of it, which is just perfect when viewing a website full of photos like Flickr.

AutoSlideshow allows you include images on the current tab, tabs opened next to the current tab or all opened tabs on Firefox into the slideshow with a couple of fancy transition effects. Navigation buttons appear at the top of the slideshow to browse through the photos. You can also use the keyboard arrow keys to go back or forward. Of course, the slideshow itself progresses automatically. The Overview button at the top can also generate a thumbnail gallery and the whole gallery can be saved to your hard disk with a single click.


There is another interesting feature in AutoSlideshow. You can drag any folder containing images from Windows Explorer into Firefox and enjoy a slideshow within Firefox.

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