Monday, December 29, 2008

Remove PDF files restrictions with PDF Unlocker


Some PDF document files are protected by the creator by disabling specific functions on the PDF reader. A common restriction is to prevent copying or editing the document to protect the copyrights of the owner. One way to copy such PDF files is to take a screenshot and use an OCR tool to convert it to text. An easier way is to use a PDF unlocking program.

PDF Unlocker is a free application that can remove the restrictions set by the creator. Simply drag the PDF file to the shortcut of application and it will automatically create a non-protected copy of the PDF file. (Thanks GHacks)


If you want an online solution, then try this free PDF unlock utility. The maximum size of the uploaded PDF file should be less than 5MB.


  1. PDFunlocker from is NOT freeware. Even the commercial version 2.0 cannot unlock all restrictions (as opposed to the advertisment). The filled-in fields cannot be saved to "unlocked" .pdf file by Acrobat Reader 8.

  2. It was a freeware when I wrote it. Seems like I have to look for another application. When I find one, I will update this post.

    Meanwhile, you can search google for the earlier version.


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