Type commands into MS Word with Saavvii

It is surprising how much time we spend on MS Word editing our document and searching for commands that does it, which interrupts the flow of our work. For a casual user it can be quite difficult to locate commands among the menus and various toolbars. Saavvii is a free plug-in for Word that will save you from the frustrating hunt for commands and actions on the Word interface.

Saavvii, previously known as Natural Word, allows the user to command Microsoft Word using their own words. Saavvii integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Word and remains hidden until you need to implement an action or edit your document. Press a hotkey (the menu key, by default) to launch Saavvii and type your command in natural English and Word will do it for you. No training is required.


If you have good typing speed, you will find that typing commands are easier and faster rather than searching through menus, lists and dialog boxes. For instance you can highlight the text or simply click on the word, launch Saavvii and type “georgia” instead of scrolling down the font list. Similarly, just type “12” to set the font size to 12; “line spacing 1.5” will set line spacing to 1.5. It saves time by bringing these simple and frequently used commands to your fingertips.

On my test, it understood simple commands like “justify”, “bullets”, “insert picture”, “bullets”, “spell check”, “word count”, “drawing”, “subscript”, “superscript”  and even slightly crafted commands like “insert pound sign”, “table 4×3”, “merge cells”, “numbered bullets” etc. You can even implement multiple actions at the same time. For example, “arial 14 bold italics”. However, I couldn’t get it to change the background color. Also it didn’t understand any commands for editing an inserted picture. Otherwise, it did almost everything I commanded it to do. A wonderful application.

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