Xpadder turns any gamepad into a keyboard

Playing games on PC using the keyboard and mouse is not always the most comfortable option. Many gamers prefer to use a gamepad controller or joystick, but unfortunately not all games support it. The freeware application Xpadder is designed for such a purpose. Xpadder makes it possible to use a gamepad with games that has poor or no controller support. But Xpadder isn’t limited to only games. It can be used like a normal input device to control almost any application.

Xpadder has the ability to emulate a mouse and/or keyboard using a controller or joystick by mapping the keys of the keyboard to the buttons on the gamepad controller. Xpadder also lets you map mouse commands to your gamepad, or map sequences of keys to a single button press. Xpadder supports the use of up to 26 controllers simultaneously, if a controller supports it.


Here is a nice tutorial that will guide you through the process of configuring your controller and mapping keys to it.

Unfortunately, the developer has decided to stop the development of Xpadder. The last stable release of Xpadder (v 5.3) will be it’s final version. Even their website is up for sale.

Download from BetaNews

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