Add speech bubbles to any YouTube videos with Tube Popper

Tube Popper is an online service that gives you an opportunity to cartoonize YouTube videos by adding comic book style speech bubbles or subtitles to it. Now if you are aware, YouTube introduced a similar feature called “Video Annotations” some months ago, that allows you to add annotations to your uploaded videos. But there is no point of annotating your own content since you can add annotations using any video editing tool when you created that video. The fun is to annotate other’s videos. This is where YouTube’s video annotation tool fails and services like Tube Popper emerges.

Using Tube Popper is extremely easy. Specify the URL of the YouTube video and it gets loaded into an editor.


Using the editor you can:

  • Add speech bubbles or thought bubbles at any point on the video and type your comments. You can also add subtitles.
  • Adjust the colors, font, transparency of the bubbles and text
  • Insert a sound effect when a bubble appears
  • The time duration for each bubble can be adjusted on the bar that appears beneath the video.


Finally, save the video and embed it on your site or share with friends. Here are some examples showing how others have put this to a funny use.

How cycling won more fans – The Tour De New Jersey

I’m not Alicia… A horrifying journey into the dark side of high school basketball.

Santa? – One child’s special gift.

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