Automatically restart crashed applications with Application Monitor

What do you do when an application you are using crashes? You restart it, of course. Wouldn’t it be nice if the application could restart itself? Or suppose you are downloading a torrent and you need to go out on some errand, and you need to ensure nobody closes the torrent client while you are away. This is possible by using a free utility called Application Monitor.

Application Monitor is a program that will periodically monitor any  application and if the application is not running, it restarts it. You may add as many applications as you like into the monitoring list. After you add an application, you need to tick the checkbox in order to start monitoring. You can have dozens of applications on the list, but only the checked ones will be monitored.


The default interval of checking is set at 2 minutes but it can be adjusted. The application can also be configured to send email notification if any of the monitored application crashes or terminates. All events are logged to a log file and you get a full report of which applications had crashed and at what time while you were away.

Application Monitor can be extremely helpful for critical applications like web servers, mail servers or databases where your clients rely on.

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