Diagram Designer – Flowchart and schematic diagram creator

Diagram Designer is a simple vector based graphics tool that can create all kinds of diagrams and charts like flowcharts, schematic designs,  electronic circuits etc. You can also create UML class diagrams and even mock GUI for software.

The program’s interface is very simple: just drag and drop all elements you like to add to your diagram from the window on the right onto the main working area. The elements are divided into separate templates like Electronic symbols, Flowcharts, Polygons etc. On the left side of the window the program displays a tree-like structure showing all the elements added so far to the diagram. Each element can be resized, rotated or aligned. You can even group a number of elements together and perform operations on them.


Here are some of the features of this tool

  • Customizable template object palette.
  • Spellchecker
  • Import/export WMF, EMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, ICO, GIF and PCX images.
  • Slide show viewer.
  • Simple graph plotter to plot mathematical expressions.
  • Advanced "pocket" calculator with equation solver.
  • MeeSoft Image Analyzer integration for bitmap image editing and extended file format support.
  • Uses compressed file format for minimizing drawing file size.

Diagram Designer designs tend to look a little bland, and these frill-less designs might disappoint some users. But that doesn’t make this application any less useful. Diagram Designer is actually great for school or office projects.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    getting a vertical line to be straight is next to impossible, everything else works perfect but this makes it unusable.

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