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Loudtalks – The Internet walkie-talkie

Loudtalks is a simple, free, walkie-talkie style communication tool that allows you to talk with your buddies without having to go through the hassles of scheduling a call, dialing or waiting. Just push a button when you want to talk. Loudtalks isn’t just another Internet telephony application, it’s different.

Loudtalks look similar to an instant messaging application like Skype or Yahoo messenger. When you have something to say to a friend on your list, simply click on the friend, push on the button and say it. When it’s done, release the button. It operates very much like those push-to-talk walkie-talkie sets. If keeping the button pressed down while talking sounds difficult for you, it can be locked by clicking on the lock button next to the push button and your hands become free. There are also customizable keyboard shortcuts (default is F7) that allows you to talk even when the application is minimized.


The communication isn’t real time. If your friend is not online at that moment, he can playback your recorded voice message when he returns and reply whenever he desires. This isn’t a drawback, rather it’s an enhancement to the usual way people communicate with each other. Loudtalks is about voice communication without calls and instant messaging without typing.

Loudtalks also supports group messaging, where you can combine several contacts into a channel and broadcast your message. You can create permanent group channels from your contacts and then drag additional contacts to add them. A very neat feature.

I really liked Loudtalks. It’s dead simple and probably the easiest voice messaging application ever.


  1. Sri Kaushik,

    How to add contacts ? whatever ID I provide is simply rejected (No such contact") Will it accept only those subscribed to this service?

  2. Yes. Your contacts should have Loudtalks installed too. Ask them to install Loudtalks first.

  3. This is awesome for those of us who are stuck with HughesNet or some other satellite Internet. Thanks!!


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