NoteLens – A wonderful note taking application

If you frequently use text files to take notes or use sticky application to keep notes on your desktop, you will appreciate NoteLens. NoteLens is a free note taking tool that is so simple and fast that it lets you concentrate just on your notes – not on the interface. NoteLens doesn’t try to do too much. Rather it focuses entirely on speed and accessibility.

You can create a new note with a single keystroke. Organize the notes into different categories or even assign them to more than one categories to make filtering a large collection of notes easier. It has a lightning fast full text indexing system that allows you to quickly find any note just by typing any word – all of the notes containing that word will be pulled up as you type.


NoteLens integrates with Microsoft Outlook enabling you to import notes from Outlook, and then keep NoteLens and Outlook synced. NoteLens can also import your Outlook Contacts and even email into it. Another extremely useful feature is NoteLens’ ability to add and index any text file on your system. This means that any existing text file where you had scribbled down notes can be imported into NoteLens. Great!

With an application like NoteLens you never have to spend time deciding where to store notes, save them, or even give them names. And most importantly never lose a note.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I am having trouble sync'g NoteLens with Outlook. It is not letting me do it. I keep getting an error message, and then NoteLens closes. Can you help?

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