SpeakLike – Automatic email translation

While machine translation services like Google Translate and Babylon are very handy to quickly translate and read foreign language websites, I wouldn’t trust them when precise and correct translation is vital, for instance when communicating with a person speaking a different language.

SpeakLike is a free online service that can save you from embarrassing machine translations when you need a compose a mail in another language. Register your email address with SpeakLike and compose the mail in your own language. After you hit the send button you will asked on which language you wish to get the mail translated. Choose from 12 different supported languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish) and your mail will be translated and mailed to the destination within an hour.


SpeakLike employs real humans who translate your message to ensure accurate translation and prevent any bloopers that machine translations are prone to. What about privacy? This is what SpeakLike has to say:

Your privacy, and the privacy of your communications, is important. Individuals view content just as they do through other translation and interpretation services companies. Here’s the difference: SpeakLike has implemented server and communications security and has added features that automatically hide certain types of confidential information.

Give it a try, when accuracy is critical.

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