TrayPodder adds Vista like checkboxes and full row selection in Windows XP Explorer

Windows Vista’s Explorer has a very useful checkbox feature that allows you to select multiple files without having to hold down the Ctrl key. In Windows XP the process is a bit tedious, requiring you use both hands to make selection. And if you accidentally slip off the Ctrl key, you have start all over again. So here is the solution.

TrayPodder is a plugin for Windows Explorer that fills this void. The application is a single executable file that doesn’t require any installation. Launch the application and in the program window you will see some buttons and two checkboxes named Checkboxes" and "Full row select". Check the boxes you want to use. The program then sits on the system tray and when you open Explorer and switch to details view, you will notice a new column – the checkbox column.


The checkboxes are a little odd though, because after you have marked the boxes you need to open the applications main window and click on “Select all checked" button to actually check them. Only after you do that, you will notice the checked files get highlighted. Now you can perform regular file operations on them like copying, moving etc.


The How-To Geek has given a nice description on how to auto start the application with relevant options selected.

TrayPodder has the following hidden switches:

-f = fullrowselect on (default: off)
-c = checkboxes on (default: off)
-h = hide main form at start (default: show form at start)
-x = minimize to system tray at Close (default: ask whether to quit)

So if you want the application to start hidden with both features enabled, and minimize to the tray, you’d have to use this:

trayprodder.exe -f -c -h –x

To do it, first create a shortcut to trayprodder.exe. Right-click on the shortcut and open Properties and add the switches on the target file.


Finally copy this shortcut to your application startup folder.

(Image courtesy: How To Geek)

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  1. Unknown Reply

    where i can get the software

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Looks like the application is unavailable. I will update this article if I can find one.

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