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Bitser is an explorer styled archiving tool

Bitser is a free Windows application for creating and managing archives with an alternate interface. It’s user interface is modeled after Windows explorer with a tree view on the left panel and details view on the right panel. This is makes viewing and creating archive files very easy.

With traditional archive tools like Winrar or Winzip, we have to constantly switch between the application and Windows explorer to browse zip files.  Bitser avoids this as it functions both as a file explorer and as an archive tool.

Here are some screenshots to give you a better understanding of the application’s interface.


bitser1 (1)

bitser1 (2)  

Bitser is built around the 7zip algorithm and hence supports almost all functions that 7zip supports. It can extract files from a wide range of archives – RAR, ZIP, ISO, CAB, MSI, etc. However, it can create archives in only two formats – ZIP and 7zip which is too limited for my liking. I personally like the RAR format.

Bitser also provides a detailed report of all archive jobs – I like that.

Bitser is still beta but I didn’t notice any issues. It runs on Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 SP1. If you don’t have it already, then here is a direct download link. (231 MB)

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  1. Hmmm, I'll stick with WinRAR for this. Reason is, it is trying to do much on each window, and it tries to compete with Windows Explorer. A lot can be done to simplify its interface by simply integrating with the Windows Shell.

  2. "A lot can be done to simplify its interface by simply integrating with the Windows Shell."

    That's a thought! Microsoft did it, but did it wrong and it became a nuisance.

    Even if Bitser tries to do "too much", the interface is relatively clean and it doesn't bother me much. The only thing I didn't like, as mentioned, is it's inablity to create RAR files.

  3. There are no archives other than winrar that can create rar files. Its a proprietary format that rarlabs doesnt make available to the community. they only allow unraring there archives. Also this review is pretty old and Bitser has changed quite a bit since then


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