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Display Tuner – Adjust monitor brightness and contrast with a hotkey

Do you use the same monitor brightness/contrast setting when doing different things like reading documents or watching movies or playing games? I hope not. Because if you do, your monitor is either too bright for reading or too dim for watching movies. And neither is very comfortable for your eyes.

When I’m surfing the net or reading stuff off the screen, I lower the screen brightness. When I want to watch movies, I increase the brightness and contrast. Also, during the day when the room is bright the monitor has to be a little brighter to see things clearly. But the same brightness level hurts when the room turns dark. As such, I often find myself adjusting and readjusting the brightness settings. I needed something that made things easier, and so I got myself Display Tuner.


Display Tuner is a free program that provides a convenient way to control the brightness, contrast, color settings or geometry of your monitor. You can create different profiles with different display settings, say for example – games, movies and Internet, and switch to any of them by pressing a customizable hotkey combination. Sweet! Display Tuner also allows you to adjust volume level of your speakers and microphone.

The application also has a tab called Info that provides you some useful information about your monitor like manufacturer, serial no and even manufacturing date.

desktop-lighter There is another free application that I found useful. The application called Desktop Lighter isn’t anywhere near Display Tuner, as regards functionality is concerned - it just has one adjustable control – brightness. But one thing I liked about this tool is the ability to incrementally increase or decrease the screen brightness by a keyboard shortcut. Press Ctrl+< to decrease brightness and Ctrl+> to increase it. You can also use the mouse to control the brightness by moving a slider, similar to the volume control tool you find on the system tray. The program even remembers your last brightness setting so that when you turn on the computer the next time, the brightness level will automatically be set to your last setting.

Both applications are pretty cool. I suggest you to try them and decide which one you would like to keep.


  1. hi,

    The first one does not work on my lcd. good find.

  2. The second "Brightness only" program was exactly what I was looking for - my monitor is too bright at night and it was a pain to constantly adjust my monitors via the push buttons - using my mouse to adjust the slider is very convenient - everyone needs this utility.

  3. in windows 7 (can't rename the profile though) :)


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