Hawkscope – Access all files on your hard disk from the system tray

Hawkscope is an incredibly useful program that allows you to access your hard disk’s content right from your system tray. Forget about My Computer or the desktop because Hawkscope does not simply show you the hard drives but the entire contents on it through pop open menus. The best part is Hawkscope is available for all the three major platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac and it’s open source.


On Windows


On Linux


On Mac

Just click on Hawkscope’s icon on the system tray to launch the menu showing all your partitions. Hover the mouse over any partition to open a sub menu that displays the contents. Move the mouse pointer over any folder to open yet another menu displaying the contents of that folder. You can continue opening folder after folders and you don’t even have to click. You also get access to your user folder – (C:Documents and Settings$username$) and all the contents within it including your My Documents folder, Cookies folder and so on. It’s great to have these just a click away.


The program allows you to add custom locations through the Quick Access tab on the settings window. You can also set to view hidden files or even blacklist certain locations from showing. This application is going to save anybody who works on a computer precious amount of time. I’m totally sold.

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  1. Futasec-e Reply

    The missing bad news – It uses java 🙁

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Java isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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