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Suppose you are big fan of TV shows – Lost, Heroes, Prison Break and the like, but you have trouble remembering which episodes you have seen and when the next episode is going to be aired, partly because you see too many shows to keep track of and partly because your intellectual growth is stunned from years of bombardment by retarded TV shows. Okay, just joking! Everybody watches TV and if you want an organizer to help you keep track of your favorite TV shows, take a looks at MyTVShows.


MyTVShows is a website for those new generation of couch potatoes who can divide their time between the TV and the computer. This free online application allows you to keep track of the episodes you have already seen and the ones you haven’t yet. Once you add your favorite shows (there is over a thousand different shows to choose from) to your account and marked the episodes you have seen, you will get a list of episodes that remained to be seen along with information of the date and time when these unwatched shows are to be aired.

In your dashboard you can click on “New/Upcoming Episodes” and get early notification about shows that you has to be watched in the coming week or month.


Additionally you get news snippets and gossip about your shows right on your dashboard. Another cool feature is the ability to check if you already have the subtitles for a particular episode, and if not MyTVShows will provide you links to websites specialized in TV Shows subtitles.

If you use calendar software and reminders to help you remember about TV shows then MyTVShows is a good place for you.

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