Lock your keyboard and mouse with Kid-Key-Lock

Sometime ago we brought you a program called CD/DVD Drive Locker that locks down the optical drive to keep it away from kids with restless fingers. But hey, we forgot about the keyboard and mouse. Aren’t those 108 keys equally tempting? It does wonderful things to the machine and even draw figures on the screen. So how do you keep your kids away from pressing the cancel button when you are at 99% installing some software?

Simple, by using Kid-Key-Lock. Kid-Key-Lock is a program that locks specific keyboard and mouse functions to prevent toddlers from accidentally pressing unwanted buttons on your keyboard and mouse. Kid-Key-Lock can be accessed from the system tray and all lock-up options are readily accessible from a pop-up menu.

kid-key-lock kidkeylock_menu

Unfortunately, the program is not fully customizable. You can only choose between some preset lock functions like lock all keys accept standard character keys, or lock only system combination or lock all keys. Similarly you can lock the left, right or middle mouse button, lock double click or the scroll wheel.

If you accidentally lock down your keyboard, the program supports a key combination like a password that can override all lock settings or quit the program.

[via GHacks]

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