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The ‘Books’ feature on Wikipedia has been around for a while which allows a user to compile several Wikipedia articles into a book and get it printed by, a start-up company based in Germany. This feature was available only for the German version of Wikipedia, but now support for 6 more languages has been added including English. The other supported languages are French, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.

create-book Wikibooks is currently available only for logged in users. Once you are logged in, you will see a section "Create a book" on the left hand side of every article towards the bottom. Click on "Add wiki page" to add article you are viewing to your book. You can add as many articles to the book as you want but keep in mind that the bigger the book is the higher the price you will have to pay to print it.

When you have finished collecting articles and ready to print, click on Show Book. Now you can add title/subtitle to your book and arrange the pages. At this point if you feel you need to add more articles to the book, don’t worry ‘cause you can continue adding articles to the book until you are ready to order the print or download the book as PDF or OpenDocument format.


The books are bounded and printed by PediaPress on A5 sized papers (about 5.8 inch × 8.3 inch) with colored cover and grayscale inner pages. Printing price starts from USD 7.9 for 100 pages or less to USD 26.9 for 700 pages. If your book is more than 700 pages, it’s broken down into several volumes. 10% of the amount received for each book sold goes to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Instead of printing out articles at home on loose sheets, you can get it professionally printed by PediaPress. The price is reasonable and they ship all over the world.

[via Techcrunch]

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