Safarp – The small and fast uninstaller for Windows

The default Windows un-installation manager, the Add/Remove Programs is a decent tool but it’s extremely slow. My Add/Remove panel takes about 15 seconds to show the programs list and as more and more programs get installed in future, it will start taking longer and longer. Those who can’t wait that long and need something quicker, look no further than the open sourced Safarp.

safarp-add-remove wait

Safarp is an extremely fast uninstaller for Windows and at 131 KB it’s extremely small. Don’t be fooled by it’s small size – Safarp is a very capable uninstaller. The best thing about Safarp is it’s speed – it loads the complete list of installed programs under 1 second. Yes, I tried it on my PC and it loaded 261 applications in 0.531 sec (this information is shown in the status bar).


Like Add/Remove Programs, Safarp can sort the list by Name, Size, Frequency of use, Date last used and one more order – by Publisher name. There is also a search utility with ‘search as you type’ function that avoids the user from having to scroll through the application list. Just type the first few letters of the application to get to it.

Safarp also allows you to export the list of installed programs as HTML, RTF, CSV etc – a feature you can use to get a list of installed applications on your computer.

Safarp gives a little less information about the application than the Windows default utility (publisher website, support phone number etc), but those information isn’t necessary to uninstall a program and I’m not sure whether anybody actually uses it. So for me, it doesn’t make any difference. Safarp might have bland look but it does what it was built to do.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    CCleaner is more than enough. .

    It has a cleaner AND an uninstaller in one.

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