Xinorbis – Hard disk usage analyzer

Xinorbis is a portable and powerful hard disk analyzer that provides you a complete overview of the contents of your hard disk using a sophisticated mix of graphs, tables and tree displays.


Xinorbis scans your hard drive or the selected partitions and gives a comprehensive report about the various file types on the disk, sorting them out according to file the type with the exact figure of disk space occupied by each type. You can even use this application to browse files of a particular type. For instance, if you have your PDF files scattered all over your hard drive, use Xinorbis to browse all the PDF files as if they are all located in a single folder.

You can also view files based on their date of creation or find out which files are occupying the largest disk space and which ones the smallest. You can also view files sorted by size or quantity and see the results in either a tree format or charts and pie diagrams.

It’s a robust application with extremely detailed reports. There is even an option to export the reports and save them as PDF or CSV.

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