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Doculicious is an interesting web service that allows webmasters to create fillable PDF documents and then embed those on their website. It’s just another way of creating web forms to collect information from your visitors or customers, but there is one certain advantage. It allows the user to download the completed form as a PDF file that can be saved on their computer or printed, while the entered data goes to the webmaster. Doculicious can also be used in places which has nothing to do with data collection. For instance, you can create templates of certificates for schools or visiting cards for employees of an organization. The users fill the required data and download the PDF copy for printing.

Doculicious is available in free as well as paid plans. The free plans has limitations on the number of documents you can create, number of times these can be filled and downloaded, the storage space you get and some other features.


You will need some time to get used to their document editor, but once you do it’s pretty straightforward. You can create a new document from scratch or import an existing template and then modify it. The document can be customized in every possible way – document size, background color, text size, font and color, add image, resize them and drag and drop elements to position them on the canvas. The behavior of each element can be further customized using the Element Properties box on the left side of the document editor.

If you are collecting information you can receive notification every time somebody uses the document. You can also choose not to collect any of the entered data.

Here is an example fillable PDF document I have created (pardon the crooked look). This document does not collect any information you enter. So feel free to try it out. The free account is unfortunately limited to only 50 entries and 20 downloads per month.

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