Free UBitMenu brings back the classic menu to Office 2007

If you use or used Microsoft Office 2007 and ever tried looking for ways to switch from the ribbon to the old menu interface, you will have found that there are only two or three Office addons to do it and all of them are priced at upwards of $15. Well, that is so incorrect because there is another tool that changes the ribbon to the classic menu and this one is free, but is extremely difficult to find it on Google.

The addon called UBitMenu, developed by a German group, is a free MS Office plugin that brings back that old classic menu to Word 2007. It does not hide the ribbon interface, but adds the classic menu as a new toolbar so you get to enjoy the benefit of both worlds. But because of that extra toolbar you loose another half a centimeter of screen space, but that shouldn’t be a problem for larger monitors.


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