How to identify flags of the world?

If you recognize each and every flag of the world, it’s commendable. But not everybody has such a keen memory. Often we come across flags we have never seen before and we get stumped. If you find yourself in such a fix, head to Flag Identifier.

Flag Identifier is a web site that helps you identify different flags of the world – national flags of countries, military flags, civil flags and so on through their flag search engine. Using the engine you can search flags by color, shape, geography, history, objects and so on. I decided to give it a try.

I started looking for a flag that is complex – had many colors and had some kind of an emblem or shape and finally settled on the flag of Commonwealth of Dominica. I’m going to try and search this flag out.


I went to Flag Identifier and selected search by color and device combined. Next I selected the four primary colors on the flag – red, yellow, green and black, one at a time. As I kept selecting the colors I saw that the available colors began to narrow down – the search engine had already began to filter the results. At this point it gave me to choose two more colors – blue and white, which is exactly the two remaining colors on the flag.


Next I selected a device, an animal and then selected bird in the following step. When I proceeded to the next step and saw a parrot waiting for me, I knew they had found it.


I completed the remaining steps and ta-da, here is the result.


The entire process took less than 2 minutes. The search process is so easy and the search engine so perfect I know I could find any flag with it. And if you make any mistake when choosing colors or shapes, just hit the back button of your browser and correct your mistake.

At the time of writing this, Flag Identifier has 1026 flags in the database. This is certainly worth a bookmark.

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