Magic Formation – A mouse gesture enabled Alt+Tab replacement

Magic Formation [via Shell Extension City] is a cool circular Alt+Tab utility for Windows. If you have been following Instant Fundas long enough, you will recall an article published about a year ago where we listed 9 different Alt+Tab tools for Windows. Magic Formation will be the 10th addition.

Magic Formation can be launched in an innovative way – just make a circular motion with the mouse pointer on the screen and out pops a circular dock with all opened windows arranged as icons in a circle. Clicking on an icon will launch the corresponding window. To quit the dock simply click on the center icon or make another circular motion with the mouse. Very nifty.


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There are plenty of options to tweak and make the application behave the way you want it to. For instance, you can make the dock a straight line instead of circular, make it show thumbnail of the opened windows (though it doesn’t work always), use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse gestures etc etc. The mouse gesture can be further customized to perform different function for clockwise and anti-clockwise motion. You can also launch the dock by moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen or by clicking the middle mouse button. And there are a dozen of keyboard shortcuts to customize.


When you use this tool, just make sure to move the sensitivity slider to the extreme left. I had difficulty launching the application with any other sensitivity position.

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