5 short links for today #2

Here I come with the second edition of short links.

cellphone 1. Where’s my cell phone? – As cell phones are getting smaller, it’s becoming easier to lose them. Often when we can’t find our cell phones we give it a ring from another phone only to find it hidden under a pile of laundry or in the car. What if there is no other phone around you? Use Where’s my cell phone? to give it a ring. Works in only the US and Canada.

2. Preloaders is a web service that enables you to generate loading GIF animation for your websites. Plenty of 2D as well as 3D animations are available and their colors, size and animation speed are customizable. Preloader looks better than the previously mentioned Ajaxloader. Here are some samples.

 generator1  generator2  generator3   generator4

3. The Pastry is the cleanest way to share code among coders and developers. If you quickly need to share a piece of code with a fellow developer, say in a forum, then simply paste the code into the Pastry, choose the type of code from a drop down list (PHP, Javascript, Action script, CSS, HTML etc) and click Submit. The Pastry will generate a link with the code properly formatted and syntax highlighted to be shared with others. See this example of a Javascript code I created.

4. 20 of the Best Free Linux Books. A great collection.

gammafiles 5. GammaFiles is the latest Rapidshare and Megaupload search site. It uses a number of file upload search engines and brings you the combined results all in one page. This works really good.

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