Discover new music by tune with Mufin player

Mufin player is a new music player, that is built to serve as a desktop tool for accessing Muffin’s music discovery engine apart from being a music organizer and player. Like any jukebox application you can organize your music by artist, rating or genre. But what makes it stand apart from other jukebox software is it’s ability to identify music tones and organize your collection based on how they sound.

Mufin’s unique music identification engine helps you discover new music that  matches your personal tastes. Just select a track in your music collection, and the Mufin player will search for similar tracks. You can click on the recommended tracks and listen to a 30 sec preview, and if you like it you can either buy or download, whichever option is available. Mufin identifies music by analyzing the rhythm, tempo, sound density or instrumentation and matching them with these properties of other music tracks. Unfortunately, if you listen to music from smaller bands the player might not be able to recognize those. Sometimes, even music popular bands returns zero results. 


But the best feature is not online music discovery but searching music from within your own collection. Mufin can match similar sounding music in your collection and help them to sort them out by their tunes. The Mufin recommended songs might not be from the same artist or of the same genre, but the matches are pretty good. Mufin has helped me re-discover music that I had in my forgotten collection. In fact, I realised I have lots of good music from independent bands released under Creative Commons that I had downloaded a long time ago but never really listened to it, save for a few songs. 


After you have grouped your music by a particular tune, you can generate a playlist with a single click.
Sometimes music tracks have missing ID3 tags. With Mufin you can quickly search for missing file information online and add it to the files. Editing MP3 tags was never so easier.

Other tools include a CD burner, CD ripper and a file conversion tool that supports multiple audio file formats. Mufin also enables you to sync and import music from MTP portable music players and mobile phones. Apple’s iPod and Microsoft’s Zune is however not supported.
Mufin is definitely one of the best music jukeboxes I have ever used.

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