Extract images from PDFs with Some PDF Image Extract

Suppose you have a PDF file with lots of images that you want to extract and save them as image files. How will you do it? Taking screenshots is an idiotic method. Using PDF editor is too cumbersome. PDF-to-image editor will work but then you have to manually sort out the texts from the actual images. The correct way to do it is to use the software Some PDF Image Extract.

Some PDF Image Extract is a free tool that allows you to extract images contained within PDF files. The software can work in bulk, meaning you can extract all images from several PDF files at once. Simply load the PDF files into the program, choose the output image format (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and several others), select a JPEG compression rate in case you are saving in the JPG format and start converting. If the PDF file is password protected, there is a provision to input the password into the program.


If you want you can specify the range of pages from which you want the program to extract images. If you don’t specify, it will scan and convert images from the entire range of pages available in the file. Likewise, if you don’t specify an output folder, the extracted images are saved into the input folder neatly inside a folder.

Some PDF Image Extract is quick and is a much better way to extract images than using any PDF file editors.

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