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If you think the Firefox bookmark bar isn’t making the best use of the toolbar real estate, take a look at Samfind Bookmarks Bar. This addon will allow you to cram more bookmarks and offer you additional services and features in the same amount of space occupied by your regular bookmark bar.


The approach Samfind Bookmarks Bar takes to save space is to display only the favicon of the site (though can make it display both the favicon and text). At first the toolbar may appear a little crowded but you will soon notice that the favicon is the only item you need to see to recognize your favorite site, so it really makes no sense to display the name of the site when that precious space can be used for other bookmarks.

The toolbar comes pre-loaded with bookmarks to several social networking and news sites like Facebook, Digg and Reddit. These icons serve more than a static link to a site, they dynamically change to display the total number of votes the currently viewing page has received on Digg, Reddit or Delicious. There is also an email button to quickly send a page to someone.


The toolbar also comes loaded with tons of sites grouped under different categories like news, blogs, video, search, email, web applications etc. Each group consist of several sites on that topic. If you want to get driving directions, then there is a group called map. Simply enter the start and end location and you will instantly get it on Google Maps or Yahoo Maps.


Like Firefox LIve bookmarks, Samfind Bookmarks Bar also lets you keep track of RSS updates by displaying them directly on the toolbar in a drop down menu. Another useful feature of Samfind is that it lets you search on a website using their own search engine right from the Bar.

Samfind also synchronizes your bookmarks between computers, so you don’t need to use a separate addon or tool to do it. Besides, Samfind Bookmarks Bar need not stay where the regular bookmarks bar do. It can be placed anywhere you want – below the address bar, above it, at the top, bottom or even inline next to the URL.

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