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10 short links for today #5

Instead of the usual 5, today I will be sharing with you twice the number of links.

logo-tubechop 1. TubeChop: Chop a section of a long YouTube video containing the interesting part and share. You can choose both the start and end time.

2. Build an Atom: A simple collection of images showing the inside structure – electrons, protons, shells and orbitals of atoms of all the elements.

3. 8-bit FM: An online radio station streaming 8-bit video game soundtracks and other “nerdy” tunes.

4. Picamatic: An image sharing website that allows you to upload a large number of images simultaneously. Instead of only one upload buttons, it has several arranged in a grid. Upload one file and move to the second one while the previous is still uploading and then to the next and so on. There is also a batch uploading feature.

5. Jumbra: An online application powered by the Google App Engine that combines a number of RSS/Atom feeds into a single feed. Similar to RSS Mixer.

6. A simulation of gravity using jQuery. Pretty cool animation. I wonder if we can actually put this to use on a website.

7. Font Picker: An online tool that displays all fonts installed on your system and helps you choose which one is most suitable for a particular project. You can even type your own text, like the title of the website and see how it appears using different fonts. Highly recommended for designers.

8. Coolspotters: An online service that makes it easy to discover and buy the products, brands, and fashions being used by your favorite celebrities – in their real lives, and in movies and television. So if you see a particular dress worn by a celebrity that appeals to you, you can head to Coolspotters and find out if it’s for sale and where.

9. Logicly: An interesting logic gate simulator. Add different logic gates (AND, NAND, XOR etc) connect it with wires and put a bulb at the output. If the bulb lights up when you apply the inputs the result is one. If it remains off, its a zero.


10. The Manuals: A place where you can search and download manuals of all kinds of products – from toasters to cars to chainsaws. Their index covers a total of 5.7 million manuals. Also see Diplodocs.


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