5 short links for today #4

1. 95 Old School Games You Can Play Online: An amazing collection – Contra, Asteroids, Battle city, Legend of Zelda …. ahh! feeling nostalgic.

2. Get-Tuned teaches you how to tune your musical instruments. They also have several online instrument tuners for the various types of instruments like guitars, violin, mandolin, banjo etc.

3. Tone Matrix: It’s an online audio tool. Set a tempo and click on the grid to highlight boxes and listen how it translates into an awesome music. Very addictive.

4. FrostClick: Remember FrostWire, the open source equivalent to LimeWire? Frostclick.com is a resource of 100% legal videos, music and software that you can download through FrostWire.

5. molecools: A Javascript intermolecular forces simulator. You can add atoms, pull molecules apart, increase charges on the atoms, break bonds and do all kinds of experiments. If your molecule is stable enough, congratulations! You just created a new compound. Now name it, save it and rejoice.

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