Adobe Digital Editions, a cool PDF manager and reader

What software do you use to read PDF files? Adobe Acrobat Reader? Or some free PDF Reader like Foxit or Sumatra? Maybe you should try Adobe Digital Editions. No, this is not another bulky, irritatingly slow PDF reader from Adobe. It’s surprisingly fast, has a sleek design and comes with an in-built ebooks library manager.

Adobe Digital Editions is based on Adobe Flash and sports a highly attractive design.


Like a music library organizer, Adobe Digital Editions allows you to add PDF and EPUB files to the library and manage your ebook collection, digital newspapers, and other digital publications that you have bought. Some digital publications that you purchase online may contain DRM protection that restricts the files from being shared with others. Digital Editions implements a content portability and user authentication procedure that enables you to share DRM protected eBooks and other digital publications across multiple computers.

The library lets you group books into virtual bookshelves, and view and sort your collection by title, author, publisher, last read etc in both thumbnails and list view. Digital Editions can also keep track of what you have been reading and those items can be quickly accessed from the library.


On the reading panel, you can display pages as single page or double page layouts, which is great for wide screen monitors. Here you can search, bookmark pages, and highlight text and add comments for future reference right within the ebooks. Digital Editions can also read embedded SWF files on digital publications giving a rich multimedia experience.

Digital Editions makes a great, free alternative PDF reader with good features and without unnecessary frills.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    another DRM laden (cr)app from adobe. No thanks – I’ll pass on the eye candy in favor of functionality.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    You have misunderstood. Digital Editions is not DRM laden. On the contrary, it helps you transfer DRM protected ebooks that you may have bought to different computers. It’s an optional feature.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Adobe Digital Editions is slow as molasses.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    I download ADE and the same day I withdrew it from my pc. Too slow to work with a large library of ebooks.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Too slow.

    Takes 10 seconds to flip a page.
    Takes about 20 seconds to scroll down a page.

    I haven't seen something this slow since DOS

  6. Anonymous Reply

    yeah agree wid others scrolling is damn slow

  7. Anonymous Reply

    what a load of crap, ADE sucks

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