Blip turns drawings into music

Blip is a strange application that can create music out of random sketches. You are given a sketch pad and a paint brush, a spray can and a horizontal line tool. Using these three basic tools you make your sketch on a 64×64 grid of canvas and then hit the Play button to enjoy a continuous loop of techno type music.

Blip continuously scans a grid of 64×64 cells where each cell corresponds to a note, the starting time of which is determined by its column and the instrument is determined by its row. The color of the cell is broken down into it’s three primary color components: the red component controls the volume of the note, the green component controls the pan and the blue component controls its pitch. The music is the sum total of all the sounds emanating from all the cells you fill in with your drawing. 


Painting in the grid can be done in real-time while the loop is still playing, enabling you to continuously create and recreate music. A wide range of configurable settings, drum patterns, wave sequences, filters and options like ‘Mutate colors’ turns Blip into a very powerful live instrument.

The concept used by Blip is quite similar to the one used by the previously mentioned Tone matrix, another very powerful online music synthesizer.

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