Device Remover – The advanced device manager

Device Remover is a very powerful device manager for Windows that provides an in-depth view of all installed devices, drivers and services, facilitates easy and mass removal of multiple devices on-the-fly and modification of devices, drivers and services on the system.

If you are used to the simple, default, device manager of Windows, be prepared to be assaulted by a massive amount of information that Device Remover throws at you. The programs’ main interface is teeming with data. On the upper left is the standard device manager tree view of all system (Hidden, Detached, Current installed, Problematic Devices,etc). Hovering the mouse gives you a detailed information about the device complete with hardware ID, registry keys, location of INF files and what not. The same information is available on the right hand window when you select a device on the tree view.


There are a number of tabs at the top at gives you detailed view of installed drivers, drivers currently loaded into memory, loaded modules, handles, process ID, executable path, version number, creation date … and any information that’s possible to obtain from the said files or device. Most of the information is color coded for easier viewing.

Device Remover also has a command line that can be used to give quick commands to the program. It’s also possible to search for particular devices or drivers.

Device Remover is available for Windows 2000 till Windows 7, in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavors, and requires the .Net Framework to run.

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    Thats THE ultimate Device Manager, a true masterpiece of software!

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