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“The Hunt for Gollum”, an outstanding free movie from the fans of LOTR


Fan movies are amateurish stuff. Not so for “The Hunt for Gollum”, a movie made by the fans of “The Lord of the Rings”. This $3000 movie is as professionally made as the original million dollar Hollywood creation that rocked box offices worldwide. Don’t take my word, watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

The cinematography, the lighting, the special effects … I can’t believe this is such a low budget movie.

The script for the Hunt for Gollum has been pieced together from the appendices of the Lord of the Rings books. Chris Bouchard, the writer-director, then assembled a team of dedicated cast and crew and began filming around the UK. The 40 minute movie is completely non-commercial and was released online yesterday (May 3rd). It’s free to download.

[via Appscout]

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  1. This is awesome! Though a quick bit of research points out that the budget was £3000, not $3000. This makes it about $4600, but still... quite an achievement for such little money.

  2. No, do you think any of the actors were getting scale? The crew worked for anything more then a 12 pack now and then? How about union dues....

    Sure you can make stuff cheap if everyone involved isn't getting paid. The whole budget goes to equipment, props, gas, and food. The only expensive part is time.

  3. don't forget they didn't have to pay for licsenses or the distribution of the movie

  4. Or pay the crappy union dues. Which is what kills the majority of good small independent projects.

  5. Um, that looks nice, but to say it "is as professionally made as the original million dollar Hollywood creation that rocked box offices worldwide" is a gross overstatement.

  6. To the first anon- you obviously don't know anything about the cost of film making.

  7. Overall, this is an excellent add-on to the Tolkien Universe whether it has the approval of the franchise holders or not. This is not one of your fan-made make-believe "what if" movie add-on to another movie. This is an actual rendition of a situation that really happened but never filmed nor written about. The fans behind this movie deserve at least a congratulations from us.

    P.S. Wasn't it mentioned a while ago that it was "FREE" to distribute? Hell, more expensive crap can be found in the movie industry. You even have to pay for it.

    This short was done out of love without compromising quality. Can't argue with that.


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