Lazarus for Firefox saves and recovers typed data in forms

There have been times when you spend great amount of time patiently filling an online form or carefully typing a well thought reply on a blog or discussion board, and when you click the submit button the connection goes dead and the data couldn’t be sent. You hit the back button to realize with horror that all the typed data is gone, lost for ever. That is why you must need Lazarus.

Lazarus Form Recovery is an addon for Firefox that automatically saves everything as you type in online forms allowing you to safely recover your lost work in the event of server timeouts, network issues, browser crashes, power failures, and all the other things that can go wrong while you’re entering forms, editing content, or writing webmail.


If the server timeouts or the browser crashes, right-click inside a text box you have just filled before the crash and select "Recover form" from the menu to recover the lost text.

Lazarus works on web forms, WYSIWYG editors and AJAXified forms and securely saves your data with 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES hybrid encryption. Lazarus also includes search functionality so you can recover text even if you can no longer find the original form you entered it into. That’s means that every reply, message, and mail you have ever typed is stored by Lazarus and can be recovered at any time you want. That’s pretty cool.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    excellent, this will really help, i also added the lazurus chrome version to chrome, which doesn't seem to work so well (doing a form test right away just didn't seem to work like in ff) but maybe browser needed a restart…..

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