Mz Cpu Accelerator automatically increases priority of active applications

The priority level of a running process determines how much precedence or importance the processor gives to the requests from the said process for processor time. By default all applications and processes are assigned the same level of priority, the “normal” level. A process with a priority higher than normal is allocated more CPU cycles than those with lower priority.

Sometimes when all applications are running at the same priority and the number of running applications is high, the system may becomes sluggish because the CPU has to respond to each application equally irrespective of which applications you are currently working on. Mz Cpu Accelerator is a program that solves this issue by automatically increasing the priority of the active window. The result is that the applications you are currently working on gets more CPU “attention” and hence becomes more responsive.


The priority of an applications can also be changed manually using applications such as PowerMenu or assigned rules using Process Lasso. But once you activate Mz Cpu Accelerator, it automatically changes the priority of the active window to high. Minimize the active window or switch to another window and the priority is instantly changed.

The program also has an exclusion list using which you can exclude certain programs from this priority toggling.

Additionally, Mz Cpu Accelerator is capable of assigning processor affinity to any process. As long as Mz Cpu Accelerator is running and the option is activated, the processor affinity for that particular process is permanent.

One drawback of automatically switching priority of applications could be that if the active window somehow freezes, you can have a very hard time unfreezing it.

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