RealWorld Paint.COM is a powerful new image editor

Although there are plenty of free image editors to choose from, I’m yet to find one which I can call perfect. Gimp comes close but it’s still rather limited in comparison to Photoshop. Paint.Net is good for lighter editing jobs. Recently, I stumbled across a new one – RealWorld Paint.COM.

My initial impression on RealWorld Paint.COM was mixed. Going through the contents of the menus I could see that there are several good features. On the other hand, the toolbar looked completely alien and messy. Most of their icons are non-standard. You can’t make out what a particular button did unless you hover the mouse over it and wait for the tooltip to appear.


RealWorld Paint.COM supports layer and is capable of applying a handful of layer effects like drop shadow, bevel and polar transformation – a feature which is absent in Paint.Net. It also supports Masks and has a couple of image filter effects. An very interesting feature is that RealWorld Paint.COM can import Photoshop filters into the program.

Most of the usual tools are present – brushes, brush hardness, flow settings, gradient fill, magic wand, transparency, color correction and so on.

The biggest handicap is the absence of the History window. I wonder how many users will be able to deal with that?

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