Add custom commands to Windows Explorer with StExBar

StExBar is a toolbar for Windows explorer that adds a number of handy commands and shortcuts to it. By default StExBar includes some common action like create new folder, copy file path, rename, open command prompt and a few others. You can also add custom executable files to it. This means that you can line up all your favorite applications right on Windows Explorer’s toolbar.

That’s not all. Every application or command you add using StExBar can be bound to a keyboard shortcut, so that launching programs becomes even more easier.


But the best feature is the filter box. The filter box allows you to filter anything on a given folder and brings results as you type. Consider how often you do this. Suppose you have a folder full of MP3 songs and you are looking for a file whose name starts with say “M”. You highlight an arbitrary file and press M to automatically scroll to the location where files starting with M begins, then manually scroll through them to get to your desired file. With the filter box you just have to type the first few characters of the file and instantly get the file you are looking for. You can also filter by file extensions. Say, you have a folder full of images but you want to view only the GIF images. Simple, just type GIF and ta-da you see only GIF files.


StExBar also has a bulk file renaming tool. Select the file you want to rename, or use the search and replace feature where you can look for specific characters in the file name and then replace them using expressions.

StExBar is just one of several plug-ins available for Windows explorer. If you are looking for more such tools, take a look at some we have covered in the past.

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