Backup any files to email with Backup To EMail

One of the most secure places to backup copies of documents, images and even media files is your email account. The idea is simple: if you need to store anything online so that they can be accessed later, just mail it to yourself. After all Gmail gives you more than 7 GB of free space and Yahoo promises you unlimited!

Backup to Email is a free software that makes it possible to send any file to an email account that gives SMTP access, right from Windows context menu. Just right click on the file or files and choose ‘Backup to Email’ to automatically mail yourself with a copy of the file as attachment. Of course, you have to configure your mail account on the program before you can do that. It’s just like setting up the outgoing mail options in an email program. Backup to Email even automatically splits any files larger than 10 MB to keep it within the attachment size limit.



What’s more? Like any backup tool it also has a scheduler.

The Pro version of Backup to Email offers additional option of zipping the file before mailing and the ability to customize the subject line and the sender address of the mails.

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