CodySafe, another start menu for USB drives

Remember the 3 start menu tools for USB flash drives? There is another one I totally forgot to add. It’s called CodySafe.

CodySafe’s menu looks like another Windows Vista start menu, the only difference is it opens on the right side of the taskbar near the system tray. Like any of the previously mentioned tools, CodySafe allows you to add shortcuts to applications, files and folders in your portable drive to the menu and organize them into categories. It also supports keyboard hotkeys.


Apart from the usual stuff, CodySafe carries a drive scanner and an auto-run prevention utility. The drive scanner can automatically scan and fix drive errors or bad sectors, and also prevents applications from launching itself automatically through the autorun.inf files which is often done by viruses.

CodySafe also lets the user create a ‘contact card’ containing the user’s name, address, phone number and other contact details and save it as a text, HTML or image file in the portable drive. The purpose of this is to allow the drive’s finder to locate the owner incase he or she loses it. That’s a nice afterthought, but not as intuitive as this trick.

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  1. meem Reply

    It's not safe, It looks like a spyware !
    Don't use it if you want to keep your online privacy.

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