Friday, June 5, 2009

The complete guide to Windows Registry in an easy searchable format


Back when PC Tools, the makers of such popular software titles like Registry Mechanic and Spyware Doctor, were called WinGuides, they used to provide a free ebook called Windows Registry Guide. It was the most comprehensive guide to the Windows Registry and the best part was - it was searchable.

When WinGuides became PC Tools, they discontinued the guide but luckily I had a copy. It’s the best, the most powerful guide on Registry I have ever read. It has helped me on numerous occasion to find little forgotten tweaks without the need to hunt them on Google. It’s too good to keep it to myself. So I have decided to share this little gem with you.

Before I give you the download link (it’s at the bottom), let’s take a look what’s inside.

The opening page of the guide displays six categories into which all tricks and tweaks are organized – Hardware, Software, Network, Tips and Tricks, Security and Windows.


Each of these categories are further broken down into smaller sections. You can click any of the categories and explore various Registry settings and optimization tricks, or you can search. Let’s search “taskbar” to find all available Registry tricks associated with the taskbar. As you can see there are quite a lot.


Now let’s pick one called “Change taskbar group size in Windows XP” and immediately we can see the steps required to activate it, with screenshots. The ‘related tweaks’ takes you to other similar tweaks.


With this in hand you are soon going to be called the Registry Guru. Interested? Download here.


  1. This would be good if you actually had the guide available for download, but what you have is index.php. Doesn't doo much good.

    Any chance you could fix this? Thanks.

  2. What are you saying? the download is working. You have to click on the link I gave and then click on the download button.

  3. That's cool but why did they discontinued ? If it was best why did they failed in business?

  4. "What are you saying? the download is working. You have to click on the link I gave and then click on the download button."

    Yes, the download works. I did follow the link and clicked on download. What gets downloaded is a 1.6 kb file called index.php, not the Registry Guide. That's what I'm saying.

  5. Oops. It was my problem after all. The problem was caused by my download manager. When I bypassed the download manager and let Windows do the download I got the right file. Interesting, isn't it?

  6. Thanks for sharing

  7. great tip...

    really helpful...

  8. Thanks for sharing, it can be very insteresting and helpful.

  9. This is junk. Don't waste your time. The only thing enabled is where you can buy books.

    Rip off.


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